houseArranging a funeral for a loved one is one of the most emotional experiences anyone can go through. However it can be so easily avoided, with the right pre-paid funeral plan. Here are some of the reasons why such plans are gaining in popularity:

•    Putting your funeral wishes in your Will is NOT binding upon your executors - they do not have to carry out your wishes.
•    Often, people just don't know what their deceased relative wanted - usually because it's natural to "put off"' talking about it.
•    A funeral plan ensures that your wishes will be carried out and that the funeral director's services will he paid for at no extra cost to your family.
•    In fact a pre-paid funeral plan can be a very shrewd investment, given that whatever the cost of the funeral in the future, it will not cost your family, or estate a penny more than you paid at the outset!
•    Savings in a bank or building society or insurance is just a sum of money. Your executors are not obliged to spend it on your funeral, and it is unlikely to keep up with the rising cost of funerals.
•    You can choose a funeral to suit your requirements from a range of prices, with some plans offering payment by monthly instalments if you prefer.
•    The certificate you receive confirming your choice of funeral, also specifies person details such as religious requirements, gifts to charities instead of flowers and music etc.
•    At a time of sadness, you will have relieved your family of the financial and emotional burdens that often accompany arranging a funeral -- and those you leave behind will remember your thoughtfulness.

For added peace of mind these plans are bonded and their funds held separately and are administered by independent trustees. One plan even has the added unique feature of not paying the funeral director until after the service.

For more information, talk to us if only to find out what product(s) we can recommend.

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